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Hello and welcome to my new page

On this sight:

My life changing business

Alex's idea of fun and hobbies

Fish keeping DIY articles

Current projects

My thoughts on personal ethics and ideology


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Adelaide Mind Relaxation

Changing lives in Adelaide

My business where my team and I beat anxiety and depression.

Check it out! 



Alex's idea of fun and hobbies

SCUBA adventure

I love to go SCUBA diving as much as I can.

Also I enjoy amateur underwater photography and video.

Check out my diving pics!



The freedom of riding

Motorbike touring with mates 


Fish keeping

I've always found fish fascinating. I grew up in the desert and the idea that animals could live in water seemed alien and wonderful. I've been keeping fish for most of my life.




Some highlights from my hobby:

  • Working in captive breeding programs  for endangered Australian native fish.
  • A term as president of the South Australian Native Fish Association.
  • Managing a commercial marine aquaculture farm - Southern Eyre Marine Farm. (This is the farm that yahoo erased all my pics)
  • Keeping cool fish from all over the world.


My Amazon tank is the current incarnation of my hobby and the best ornamental aquarium I have setup to date.

Check out photos and details of the Amazon tank!





Current projects

 Plywood wet / dry sump trickle filter


Building a plywood sump filter






Submarine combat game project


Programming the game I always wanted to play

Huge aquarium project

Planning to build a huge 9,000 litre MEGA TANK.


Check out the presentation and sketches



Submarine concept

I've been trying to design a personal submarine since childhood. This is my latest idea.


Check out the scetches and data


Ideals & philosophy

I believe that morality and honour play a key role in developing a worthwhile person. Here are some of my thoughts on personal honour and ideology.


Check out Alex's personal ideology